Our Past 24 Years

2018 • Entertaining America: Laughter, Gossip and Magic
   Minnie Pearl
   Hedda Hopper
   Louella Parsons

2017 • World War I        Program Booklet
   President Woodrow Wilson
   William Jennings Bryan
   Edith Wharton
   General John J. Pershing

2016 • The 1960’s
   Richard Nixon
   Nikita Khrushchev
   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2015 • Missouri Outlaws
   Cole Younger
   Jesse James
   Belle Starr

2014 • Big River at War
   Sam Hildebrand
   Gen. Thomas Ewing
   Jefferson Davis & US Grant

2013 • Missourians Who Have Shaped History
   Mark Twain
   George Washington Carver
   President Harry Truman

2012 • The Road West
   Margaret Breen
   John Fremont
   Kit Carson

2011 • Civil War: The Front Line
   Sam Watkins
   Susan King Taylor
   Matthew Brady

2010 • Story Tellers
   Dr. Seuss
   Beatrix Potter
   L. Frank Baum

2009 • Famous Missourians
   Josephine Baker
   Thomas Hart Benton
   Walt Disney

2008 • Sports in America
   Joe Louis
   Wilma Rudolph
   Howard Cosell

2007 • Influential First Ladies
   Dolley Madison
   Eleanor Roosevelt
   Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

2006 • Politics in America - The Bad Boys of Politics?
   Tom Pendergast
   Sen. Joseph McCarthy
   Huey Long

2005 • Men and Their Dreams
   H.G. Wells
   Henry Ford
   Tom Edison

2004 • Lewis and Clark
   William Clark

2003 • 100 Years of Manned Flight
   Orville Wright
   Amelia Earhart
   Charles Lindbergh

2002 • The Founding Fathers
   Thomas Jefferson
   Ben Franklin
   George Washington

2001 • The Jazz Age
   Willa Cather
   John Dos Passos
   Edna Ferber
   H.L. Mencken
   Rarry Reser

2000 • The Great American Humorists
   Dorothy Parker
   Will Rogers
   Sam Clemons

1999 • A World in Change - The War Years
   Eleanor Roosevelt
   Winston Churchill
   Harry Truman

1998 • A Nation at War with Itself
   General James Longstreet
   Harriet Tubman
   President and Mrs. Lincoln

1997 • The Story of the Old West
   Theodore Roosevelt
   Laura Ingalls Wilder
   Buffalo Bill Cody

1996 • The Showman - The Author - The Warrior
   P.T. Barnum
   Louisa Mae Alcott
   General William Sherman

1995 • Visions of America
   William Jennings Bryan
   Rabbi Issac Wise
   Andrew Carnegie
   Elizabeth Cady Stanton
   W.E.B. DuBois